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Resident Benefits Package

Part of your residency here you gain access to our resident benefits package. We have partnered with companies to provide services that will enhance your rental experience.

Rently smart home technology: We have partnered with Rently to create a smart home experience that allows you to control your home through the Rently application on your laptop or smartphone. This package includes:

  • Smart lock: Keyless entry so you no longer have to worry about losing or replacing keys. You can also create different pin codes for family members or guests.
  • Smart thermostat: Adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere.
  • Smart door sensor: A smart sensor on the front door will notify you if the door has been opened.
  • *Smart doorbell: Ability to see who is outside your home through the application.

*Doorbell is a Skybell doorbell (not Rently compatible) and will require a separate application.

Esusu credit reporting and rental assistance:

  • Rent reporting: Build your credit while renting. Esusu reports every on-time payment to the three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, to help increase your credit score!
  • Rental Stability Loans: Esusu pairs residents experiencing financial hardships with loans.

Landscaping: No need to worry about lawn maintenance. We have a professional landscaping company that will maintain the landscaping at your property year round.

Pest Control: Monthly external pest control will help keep the pests out of your home.

This bundle will be added to your monthly rent charges for $100/month.